December 4th 2014 | London

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The Fouth Business Cloud Summit

The Fourth Business Cloud Summit took place at the Hilton London Metropole and was attended by over 350 senior IT decision makers from both the private and public sector.


  • Denise McDonagh, former G-Cloud Programme Director and Director of Home Office IT
  • R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO, Constellation Research
  • Mark O'Neill, Deputy Director of Transformation, Cabinet Office
  • Andy Burton, former Chairman, Cloud Industry Forum
  • Ken Ducatel, Head of Unit, Software and Services, Cloud, European Commission
  • Graeme Hackland, CIO, Williams F1
  • Liam Maxwell, former Deputy Government CIO, Cabinet Office
  • Daniel Batts, Head of Business Development, Microsoft

Key issues discussed:

  • Cloud, Government and Society: What is the potential for Cloud to be politically transformative? How do we overcome the Digital Divide? Can we achieve the cost saving potential for Cloud in the UK public sector?
  • The European Cloud: What is the European Commission doing around Cloud Computing strategies? Are there any moves to ensure harmonization of international laws surrounding Cloud? How do national Cloud policies fit within a global framework?
  • Outsourcing v the Cloud: Are the various ICT delivery models commonplace in the public sector complementary or mutually exclusive? How do you decide which approach is best suited to your objectives? Can single suppliers deliver multiple approaches?
  • Cloud and the mobile enterprise: How do you make business ICT as user-centric and intuitive as consumer technology? What are the organisational and infrastructure challenges of the mobile enterprise? Mobile social networking and Cloud Computing - complementary enablers of growth?
  • Cloud at Work: Getting ready for Cloud - identifying business need/drivers. How to select a Cloud provider to meet your business goals and ensuring cultural fit. The challenges of executing an enterprise Cloud deployment - managing change.
  • Cloud and the Social Business: How to align social business strategies with Cloud Computing strategies. Are integrated social business technologies from Cloud services providers a viable option? How do front office social business strategies map onto the Cloud-enabled back office?
  • Cloud and security: What the genuine security issues that hold back Cloud adoption? Is security an issue or is it trust that's the problem? How do emerging social business technologies complicate security strategies?

Previous sponsors

  • Netsuite Inc
  • IBM
  • Cloudwords
  • CSC
  • Zuora
  • Bluewolf
  • Star
  • SAP
  • Adobe